Harry Somers

Canadian Composer

One of the greatest artists in the history of our country, died March 9, 1999. He left Canada and the world of music an inestimable legacy of some of the most original and dramatically powerful scores of the century. His work has embodied Canadian music for the last half century and is truly a major part of Canada's artistic heritage.

This was the final dictation Harry made to his wife, Barbara, on the day before he died:

"There's no limit in this friggin' country if it drops its colonial mentality. Don't worry about being so Goddamned small, big or anything - just realize your potential. Just be - anything - the rest of the world will do what it will do - I just love it all - just read John Ralston Saul! We've got marvellous talent in every field - and stop bitching and get on with it!"